Dev-Ops is the blending of tasks performed by application development and systems operations teams.

Dev-Ops is the blending of tasks performed by application development and systems operation teams. The team is involved in taking up progressive tasks which comes under the umbrella of Dev-Ops domain. The Dev-Ops approach seeks to meld application development and deployment into a more streamlined exercise.

3Tel uses various Dev-Ops tools which helps in planning, developing, building and at last operating vast application platform environments. The team heavily uses tools like Puppet, Git, Nagios, Cobbler, Vcenter, Vsphere with scripting. The team works closely with developers, customer network team and other stakeholders for technical planning, integration aspects, testing and overall operation of the platform.

3Tel’s Project Tasks

  • SME & DevOps evaluates existing applications and platforms
  • Conducting gap analysis and recommending feasible alternative solutions to improve performance
  • Drafting reliable backup and restore procedures for contingency plan
  • Mentoring internal as well customers team members for technical training, technical guidance and system process expertise.
  • Developing dashboard reports and presentations for customer review
  • Enable peer and cross-functional review for changes
  • System configuration is committed into version control using GIT system
  • Maintaining tasks backlog, visible to all team members for comment
  • Testing of our changes against a merge with our mainline code
  • Creation and verification of network configuration.
  • Puppetisation and automation of monitoring system using Nagios and open-source monitoring tool like Icinga.
  • Integration of monitoring system with customer-managed HP Site Scope system.
  • OS upgradation and Integration with client system
  • iIntegration of subscription engine with client BSS system
  • Seamless upgrade and verification of middle-ware software like JDK, java, apache through configuration management system like puppet, salt, chef, etc.
Some of the reasons for outsourcing Dev-Ops business to 3Tel
  • We dedicate a subject matter experts (SME) on site to look and manage production system technically.
  • We volunteer tasks rather than having them assigned
  • We focus on time to repair rather than time between issues
  • Our operations team involves in development sprint planning
  • Our teams are customer and product oriented
  • Version controlled documentation and shared over confluence
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